Hire the Lawn Care Experts

Clean Air Lawn Care Dallas was recently featured in the March edition of the Air North Texas Newsletter – Clean Air Mail.

Hire the Experts

Sustainable Lawn Care Equipment at Clean Air Lawn CareIf you prefer to allow the professionals to maintain your yard, there are companies out there that provide completely pollution-free lawn service. For instance, Clean Air Lawn Care is a national company with a local presence in DFW that uses rechargeable equipment to maintain lawns. They power and recharge their equipment by using solar panels mounted on their trucks, meaning that no gas is used in any of their lawn service.

Visit here to compare Clean Air Lawn Care’s service with conventional lawn services and learn more about the services and practices Clean Air Lawn Care implements:

  • Offers an all organic treatment program that gives homeowners a way to take chemicals off their lawns.
  • Runs their larger mowers on locally produced biofuels.
  • Recycles all grass clippings and organic matter.
  • Mows at a height that maximizes water conservation and nutrient uptake.

Here are some impressive accomplishments of Clean Air Lawn Care Dallas:

Since opening in 2009 in the DFW area, Clean Air Lawn Care has prevented 15,360 pounds of air pollution.

Since opening in 2009 in the DFW area, Clean Air Lawn Care has prevented 11,690 pounds of chemical fertilizer from being applied.

Across the country in the year 2010, Clean Air Lawn Care reduced 110,341 pounds of air pollution.

To learn more about Clean Air Lawn Care or to inquire about their services, visit www.cleanairlawncaredallas.com or contact Rick Hauser at [email protected].