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Our Northern Dallas lawn care services are all-organic and sustainable. By using solar-panels mounted on each truck, we produce results you want while emitting zero emissions. Along with better air quality, you also will be creating a more peaceful community. Our equipment is 50-70% quieter than gas mowers, trimmers, and blowers.

Your local owners, Scott and Ellyn are mindful of you, your family and the environment in all we do for you lawn. See the difference sustainable lawn care can make. Clean Air Lawn Care Dallas uses all-natural, organic fertilizers to promote the growth of a lawn that’s healthy, beautiful, and safe. If weeds are a problem for you, you can feel great about our use of environmentally friendly products. We also hand-pick weeds!

North Dallas Lawn Care Services Delivering Great Results

North Dallas Lawn Care Services by Clean Air Lawn Care Dallas - Mowing in Richardson Texas

If you are looking for a place to enjoy spending time with your family, and somewhere for your pets, your lawn is a great choice. We care about that quality time; with our Dallas lawn care services, there will be no need to stay off the lawn for 24 hours like with chem-lawn companies. Ask us about lawn care facts and how you can make a difference by ridding your lawn of gas mowers and chemicals throughout Allen, Plano and Richardson neighborhoods. Northern Dallas residents deserve a lawn that is safe, healthy and beautiful!

Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careCore Sustainable Lawn Care Services

Organic Lawn Treatment Program – Organic fertilizer and weed control establish and maintain beautiful lawns using earth-friendly and family-healthy methods. More …

Solar-Powered Lawn Mowing in Dallas – Accessible turf areas are mowed with sustainable electric and biodiesel powered equipment. Grass clippings are mulched when possible, composted on site, or removed to an organic waste recycling center. More …

Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careAdditional Healthy & Natural Dallas Lawn Care Services Provided to Full-Service Clients as Schedules Permit

  • Commercial Lawn Care
  • Overseeding
  • Seasonal Flower Planting
  • Sod and Mulch Installation
  • Topdressing

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