Solar-Powered Lawn Mowing in Dallas

Lawn Mowing Service Dallas Clean, solar-powered lawn mowing in Dallas means our lawn mowers run on clean renewable energy from the sun, and in some cases, where we’re mowing large lawns, we’ll use bigger equipment powered by renewable biodiesel fuels. Electric mowers, run on solar-power, emit zero air pollution and are quiet – you may […]

Seasonal Flower Planting

Flower Bed Maintenance Clean Air Lawn Care

Light pruning, weeding, and overall general flower bed maintenance.

Sod and Mulch Installation

Mulching Clean Air Lawn Care

Mulching includes prepping beds, selection, delivery and spreading to dramatically reduce weed population, retain moisture and improve overall appearance.


Overseeding Clean Air Lawn Care

Overseeding directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf or the soil, is essential for maintaining a lawn’s long-term health and vibrancy.


Topdressing Clean Air Lawn Care

A layer of topdressing provides vital nutrients to the soil to build a healthy lawn and soil base.

Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control Clean Air Lawn Care

Our fire ant control removes these painful critters so that your lawn looks great and is bite-free to walk on.

Moss Treatment

Moss Treatment Clean Air Lawn Care

Moss treatment removes pesky moss that is common in wet-weather climates.

Commercial Lawn Care

Commercial Lawn Care Clean Air Lawn Care

Clean Air Lawn Care provides sustainable and organic lawn care for commercial properties. Your customers, tenants or facility users will experience a green and natural lawn at your location.

Organic Lawn Treatment Program

Lawn Treatment Dallas Get great looking lawn results the natural way with the best organic lawn care in Dallas, TX. Clean Air Lawn Care’s goal is to create and maintain beautiful lawns using earth-friendly and family-healthy methods. Our two lawn care treatment programs integrate the use of organic fertilizers, eco-friendly pre-emergent weed control, and micro-organism […]