Organic Lawn Treatment Program

Natural Lawn Treatment Program in Richardson, North Dallas, Plano, Allen, Carrollton, Highland Park, TexasLawn Treatment Dallas

Get great looking lawn results the natural way with the best organic lawn care in Dallas, TX. Clean Air Lawn Care’s goal is to create and maintain beautiful lawns using earth-friendly and family-healthy methods. Our two lawn care treatment programs integrate the use of organic fertilizers, eco-friendly pre-emergent weed control, and micro-organism soil builders. Customize your treatment program with a la carte services from our Localize option that allows us to cater to Richardson, North Dallas, Plano, Allen, Carrollton, Highland Park environmental factors and unique conditions specific to your Texas lawn.

Safe, Healthy, Organic Lawn Care

Allen, Carrollton, Plano, near Richardson Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Organic Treatment Before-and-After Results

Organic  Lawn Treatment – Nourishing Premium Lawn Fertilizer

Feed your lawn the nutrients it needs, the natural way! Our eco-friendly treatment program features a custom blend of microbe-rich soil builder that promotes healthy, long lasting growth for your lawn. Caring for your lawn the way Mother Nature intended allows for less watering and overall maintenance.

Organic Fertilizer & Weed Control Programs

Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careGo Organic! Enrichment Program

This organic lawn care program works double-time to restore the natural beauty of your lawn. Consider the enrichment program for a lawn lush enough to give neighbors “lawn envy”.

  • Feeding Your Lawn Organically – April, June and October – Granular organic fertilization plus mineral supplement
  • All Natural Spot Weed Control* – Applied at each Fertilizer visit plus one visit per month in February, March, May, August, and December ** (includes one follow up visit per application as needed)

*Our approach to Weed Control:
Because we use only organic products, our approach is to spot spray weeds and hand pull weeds as they show up but also to approach weed control in a more holistic way overall. By making your yard healthier, we allow it to take over the weeds in many cases preventing them from spreading. By getting to weeds before they drop seeds, we prevent many of them from reappearing the following year. We work you on grass height and watering to do everything we can to inhibit weed growth. Ours is not a quick fix for overall weed elimination, but a weed control and management approach all designed to give you the healthiest lawn in the neighborhood.

**For full Lawn Maintenance customers this is included in your regular lawn care visits

Organic Leaf that represents organic lawn care.A La Carte Organic Lawn Treatment Services

Localize your organic fertilizer and weed control

  • Mulch Installation
  • Seasonal Flowers
  • Overseeding
  • Organic Compost and Topdressing
  • Native and Drought Resistant Plants
  • Consultation and referral for any additional services needed

Please Customize Your Local Organic Treatment Plan!

*Currently there are no 100% organic products available that we feel confident using, which will effectively kill the weeds in your lawn. Until there is an effective organic product, we have chosen to carefully use effective post-emergent chemicals to control weeds. We are committed to leading a commercial movement aimed at eliminating the need for chemical herbicides long term.